The Guerilla Race® Series


he Guerilla Race® Series offers a progressive race course, with four venues of varying distances and difficulty levels; The Guerilla SPRINT, Guerilla WARRIORS, Guerilla PANTHER Challenge, ULTIMATE Guerilla and the newly introduced; The Guerilla KIDS.

TN Guerilla Race-sanctioned obstacle races are constructed on standardized distances with regulated obstacles. Each event is uniquely configured so the racers never know exactly what to expect, but the obstacles themselves are selected from a predetermined set. This enables our races to be rated on difficulty so that objective comparisons can be drawn between events. Standardized distances also encourage racers to attack courses that are at the limit of their capacity while not getting themselves into trouble.

It is more than just a contest to complete a brutally challenging obstacle course. It is first and foremost a fierce sport.

Experience mind-blowing waters, blazing fire, mud pies, spider nets, barbed wires, high walls, tunnels and other bizarre challenges are leagues beyond the usual fun run trails. The TrueNorth Guerilla Race® Series is all about the very obstacles that beef up exciting landscapes and various race topographies in different regions of the Philippines.

We offer most difficult obstacles in our arsenal. We aim to put obstacles that will be the toughest to complete and will take enormous pride just to finish them. There will be occasional crazy challenges. Some will be terrain inspired obstacles and venue specific. There will be obstacles to catch you off guard and leave you dumbfounded.

Preparation for the unknown is a must as each Guerilla Race strives to surprise you at every turn. We’re here to rip you from your comfort zone. If you need a road map for each step of the way, then maybe this race isn’t for you.

In case of emergencies, Guerilla Race-sanctioned races are responsibly staffed with appropriate medical services. There are no water stations or other support services along the course, and we expect our competitors to push themselves well beyond their accustomed limits. Minor injuries such as scrapes, bruises, strains, pulls, and singes are common, and Guerilla Race HQ created a Best Injury Award that the recipients cherish as much as their finish line medals.

So Guerilla Races don’t cater to comfort, but that’s not the same as being cavalier to real emergencies. Guerilla Race officials and racers alike are required to be alert and responsive to any injury or event that requires medical attention.


This obstacle sprint sets the Guerilla Racer® toward the start of his journey, covering a 5-kilometer distance. Beginner racers, fun run fanatics, duathlon and triathlon athletes, adventurers, thrill seekers and marathon mavens alike will find themselves in a grueling but fun-filled endeavor involving at least 12 obstacles.


The next obstacle race features a 10-kilometertrail and mud race of 18 or more obstacles. The top 3 male and top 3 female participants at the Guerilla Warrior® will qualify for free entry into the succeeding round.

The third tier in the series, the Guerilla Panther Challenge® boasts of a grueling 21-kilometer trail with 25 or more obstacles, outclassing any other trail run, fun run, Olympic run, bike race, or marathon. The top 3 male and top 3 female participants at the Guerilla Panther Challenge®must then brace themselves for the ultimate challenge in the series.

This highest tier of the series,the Ultimate Guerilla Race® is a 24-hour endurance event with no real known distance or specific challenge count. The trail covers an undisclosed mix of obstacles, physical challenges, and mental exercise. Finishers of this final leg of the series will comprise the elite circle of Guerilla Racers®, ready to take on the next battery of obstacles on the race course, or even outside and beyond it. The Ultimate Guerilla Race male and female winner will be sent to compete outside the country, all expense-paid.

The Guerilla KIDS® Race will be participated by kids ages 6-12 years old in our effort to make our race a whole family affair. The race will boost the kids’ confidence and fighting spirit. They will be trained to have discipline and will learn more about camaraderie while in the race. The Guerilla Kids Race also aims to instill and nurture future athletes of the world.




    Dare to race the Guerilla way. Be the sole Guerilla Champ or die trying… ALONE.

  • TEAM

    Any team who wishes to join the Guerilla Race must have at least four (4) participants and can have as many team members as possible. But in order to determine the winning team, only the time of the top four (4) members who finish the race will be tallied to correspond to the team’s aggregate time. The team with the least aggregate time will be declared the winning team.


    Corporate racers must have at least eight (8) or more members of the group that can finish the race to qualify as corporate winners.


Challenge yourself and conquer the Guerilla Race Battlefield!

Think you can outdo the physical and mental strain of an obstacle race? Better reassess your strength and see if you can brave the toughest challenge that’s yet to come in the Philippines! The TrueNorth Guerilla Race®Series is the first obstacle-driven race series of its kind in the Philippines. Skillfully developed by a Philippine Army scout ranger, the Guerilla Race® Series is meant to test the Guerilla Racers’® limits in terms of endurance of body, presence of mind and resilience of spirit.

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