What is the TrueNorth Guerilla Race Series?

The TrueNorth Guerilla Race® Series is the pioneering obstacle-driven race series in the Philippines. The race course is designed with obstacles involving water, fire, mud, spider nets, barbed wires, high walls, tunnels and other bizarre challenges, all meant to test the limits of physical strength and mental stamina.

How different is it from a fun run or marathon?

The TrueNorth Guerilla Race® Series is not just any “trail run” or “fun run” with a twist. It is, first and foremost, a race. It presents you with the opportunity to tackle on the obstacles and rank well, not only against your competitors, but against your own self. The TrueNorth Guerilla Race® Series is meant to unlock your true capacity for strength, endurance, resilience, and overall achievement.

How many difficulty levels are there for the TrueNorth Guerilla Race® Series?

TrueNorth offers a total of four legs representing four varying degrees of difficulty under the Guerilla Race® Series: The Guerilla Sprint®, a five kilometre race with 12 or more obstacles ; the Guerilla Warrior®, featuring a 10-kilometer trail with at least 18 obstacles; the Guerilla Panther Challenge® , with 21 kilometers of more than 25 obstacles; and the Ultimate Guerilla Race®, which requires the highest level of endurance to complete more than 24 hours of obstacle adventures, with no real known distance.

How do I know which leg of race is for me?

TrueNorth recognizes the unique skillset of each individual, but you, above anyone else, would be the best judge of your own capabilities and limitations. You can choose from various levels of intensity and difficulty with the Guerilla Sprint®, the Guerilla Warrior®, or even dare to advance into the Guerilla Panther®. While everyone is welcome to participate in each of the races, not everyone may have the heart to complete the Ultimate Guerilla Race®. All the same, True North applauds the effort and the spirit to fight until the very end, with the motto “Finish the race…or die trying.”

How do I join?

The TrueNorth Guerilla Race® Series has several channels of enlistment. This season kicks-off with the Guerilla Sprint on October 28, 2012. You have until (closing date) to complete the registration process through (…specify registration channels.) Announcements and updates on succeeding races will be available thru (… fb page, website, other portals.)

Can I form a team?

TrueNorth has always believed in the power of esprit de corps, cooperation and camaraderie. The Guerilla Race® Series prides itself as the ultimate team building experience. Challenge the rest of your team to a gruelling race rife with obstacles that will test the true mettle of your group. A bit of a push, a helping hand or a pat in the back from teammates and colleagues is always a welcome advantage in conquering a battery of obstacles.

Where can I train for the True North Guerilla Race® Series?

In preparation for the Guerilla Race® Series , TrueNorth has customized the TrueNorth Military Fitness Training . Inspired by drills and modules from the Philippine Military, this training program is the paramount race prerequisite, as you prepare to live the life of a true Guerilla Racer.®

Who is TrueNorth and what does TrueNorth do?

TrueNorth is the owner and originator of the Guerilla Race® Series. Its continuing efforts to design effective military-inspired training programs constitutes its aim to steer personal development towards team efficiency, and ultimately, toward social responsibility and nation-building.

TrueNorth has pioneered the SAFER Campus ( Student and Faculty Emergency Response on Campus) program, which provides security , disaster management and emergency response modules; as well as the Village Boot Camp for Kids, with the aim of starting children early in terms of character-building as responsible and independent individuals. Both programs are being campaigned for corporate groups to fund as part of TrueNorth’s commitment to nation-building.

TrueNorth likewise customizes training programs, consultancy services, and leadership modules for your corporate group or organization.

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