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he Guerilla Race® Series is more than just a contest to complete a brutally challenging obstacle course. It is first and foremost a fierce sport.

TN Guerilla Race-sanctioned obstacle races are constructed on standardized distances with regulated obstacles. Each event is uniquely configured so the racers never know exactly what to expect, but the obstacles themselves are selected from a predetermined set. This enables our races to be rated on difficulty so that objective comparisons can be drawn between events. Standardized distances also encourage racers to attack courses that are at the limit of their capacity while not getting themselves into trouble.

Guerilla Race-sanctioned races are timed and officiated, and all Guerilla Race obstacles are mandatory. Racers who avoid or fail to complete an obstacle are assigned a penalty—generally 30 burpees—which they must complete in order to advance. Failure to complete an obstacle and the associated penalty results in immediate disqualification. This ensures our race results are fair and unbiased. Entrants either complete the course or they don’t. No excuses, no waivers, no asterisks.

Guerilla Race-sanctioned races are responsibly staffed with appropriate medical services. There are no water stations or other support services along the course, and we expect our competitors to push themselves well beyond their accustomed limits. Minor injuries such as scrapes, bruises, strains, pulls, and singes are common, and Guerilla Race HQ created a Best Injury Award that the recipients cherish as much as their finish line medals.

So Guerilla Races don’t cater to comfort, but that’s not the same as being cavalier to real emergencies. Guerilla Race officials and racers alike are required to be alert and responsive to any injury or event that requires medical attention.

The Guerilla Obstacle Race Rules serve as racers’ and Race Directors’ common reference and guide. These standards for racer behavior shall apply before, during and after all Guerilla Race-sanctioned events, in any region of the country.

Guerilla Races vary from one race to the next. As such, this variety is a primary source of the challenge and thrill of Guerilla Race obstacle racing. Embracing the unknown is a landmark of the Guerilla Obstacle Course Race.

This guide is meant to make expectations of racers on those courses (and at the venues in general) universally understood. The quality of the experience, from zero tolerance for unsportsmanlike behavior to enforcement of obstacle rules, shall be universal.

The rules herein create consistency in Guerilla Race racer experience and race management. However, these rules should not be considered an assurance or suggestion of racer, spectator, race staff, race volunteer, venue staff, or vendor safety. True North, the company that created the Guerilla Race, Inc. makes no such assurance or suggestion.

The TrueNorth Guerilla Race® Series is the first obstacle-driven race series of its kind in the Philippines. Developed by a Philippine Army scout ranger, the Guerilla Race® Series is meant to test the participants’ limits in terms of endurance of body, presence of mind and resilience of spirit.

The Guerilla Race® Series is designed to unleash uncharted territories of one’s physical strength and mental stamina with the battery of obstacles. There is no map to be consulted nor is there any schedule of challenges to be followed. The only known constant lies in the mantra to “Finish the race…or keep on trying“.

Guerilla Race is more than just an event; it is a movement. A movement that embraces a culture of thriving under pressure, surpassing limits and conquering life’s many challenges. By running a Guerilla Race, you’ll unlock a part of yourself that you never knew existed, and with this discovery of your new self, you’ll discover others who are the same.

THE GUERILLA SERIES® is also a benefit race. With our guerilla mission to embark on corporate social responsibility, Guerilla Race Inc. supports the HERO Foundation as our permanent partner for the races.



It is our goal to transform the people at the starting line into driven, determined, and dynamic Guerilla Racers at the finish line.

In the trails of mud, fire and water, you’ll surprise yourself as you willingly throw your body in each and every obstacle that stands in your way; determined to overcome, conquer and triumph.



This speaks well of the fighting spirit we want to be embraced by everyone. The ultimate glory is at the finish line!

Simply put, Guerilla Race will be the Philippines’ leading obstacle race series. It’s an event of pure primitive madness that you’ll never forget!


Hold races all over the country.
Provide different distances and difficulties for different levels and styles of endurance racing.
Foster a unique culture and fellowship of athletes striving together to overcome any obstacles that will come their way.

All over the country we will put on different kinds of obstacle course events, all designed to suit specific styles of racing and fun. Whatever your level or personal goals, whether you are just testing the limits of your physical abilities or a determined winner looking to take home the top honors or a member of a team of friends just looking for a blast or crazy fun, Guerilla Race is the venue for your extreme pursuits.

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